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Lost your creative direction in the middle?
Mired in the "current" draft?
Worried you'll never finish this crazy project?

Sound Familiar?

6 Days
5 Writers
30+ Writing Hours
1 Objective

Upcoming Retreats

The Experience

A life-changing week for emerging and experienced writers alike.

Rediscover your novel, memoir or collection with a full manuscript evaluation,
coaching sessions and customized work plan. Join an intimate group
of committed writers in an inspiring location.

Revive your creative intention. Set accountability milestones
and break through blocks with one-on-one editorial time.
Build momentum to sustain your work long after the retreat.

Renew your stamina on the journey to publication. Transform your
next draft from a dreaded chore to a driving vision.

Rebirth your book.

Your pre-arrival manuscript evaluation includes supportive, specific, written critique of your current draft or proposal, a coaching session, and a customized work plan for your retreat.

On location, you'll have daily guidance and one-on-one sessions.

A post-retreat work plan and follow-up coaching session help you sustain momentum at home.

To give the personal coaching and specific editorial feedback your manuscript needs before, during and after the retreat, participation is limited to five writers.*

*at retreats with two leaders, 10 writers.

Each morning, writers set intentions for this reserved time, then work individually in shared spaces. Post-writing check-ins may include short readings, but this is not a "workshop." Allison provides individual guidance as needed. It's like writing at your favorite cafe—with your personal editor on-call.

The rest of the day is for solo writing time, one-on-one meetings, and relaxation or an excursion.

Focused time away from home helps you plow through pages.

Direct, specific feedback helps you write better.

Rebirth Your Book combines a retreat environment with personal editorial assistance. You'll have a work plan to start writing on day one. Questioning an editorial note? Lost your plot thread? Ask Allison right now—she's across the table.

Pre-arrival session with editorial feedback and your work plan for the retreat.

Scheduled one-on-one time to discuss your draft-in-progress and writing goals. (Allison's available for informal chats and questions all day long.)

Follow-up coaching session to sustain your writing momentum back home.

Rebirth Your Book happens in beautiful, culturally rich locations with great local food and a calm, supportive writing environment. Travel retreats include energy-boosting excursions to heritage sites and outdoor activities.

Your Personal Guide

From idea to novel, proposal to memoir, first draft to first royalties, Allison K Williams brings deep understanding of dramatic structure, sensitivity to voice and theme, technical expertise, and contagious enthusiasm for your work.

Allison has edited and coached writers to publishing deals with Penguin Random House, Knopf, Mantle, Spencer Hill, St. Martin's Press and Black Rose as well as supporting independent authors from blank page to book. She's guided essayists and humorists appearing in the New Yorker, Time, the Guardian, McSweeney’s, Refinery29, Brevity, Hippocampus, the Belladonna and TED Talks. As Social Media Editor for Brevity, she inspires thousands of writers with her weekly blogs on craft and the writing life.

Some Rebirth Your Book retreats feature noted guest writers as co-leaders. See individual retreat pages for details.

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Rhiannon Navin

“Allison helped guide me through the entire process of writing my book, from piecing together a first draft all the way to querying agents and learning about the publishing process... She helped me find confidence in myself and in my ability to accomplish what I had set out to do—tell this story that had me in its grip and that meant so much to me.”

Rhiannon Navin, author of Only Child - New York, USA

Pamela Peterson

“THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Your notes are always spot on - sometimes even things I thought of but didn't do. I really wouldn't be able to do this novel without you...have almost given up so many times. Including this morning! Onward!”

Pamela Petersen - Connecticut, USA

Generic placeholder image

“To my editor, thank you, thank you, thank you. There are editors and then there is Allison Williams, The Unkind Editor. Your insight and expertise not only made my Young Adult novel stronger, but also made me a better writer. I look forward to having your attentive eye on all of my future works.”

Jay Dee T - Alaska, USA

Generic placeholder image

“OMG I LOVE BEING EDITED!!!! Once I understood the overall trajectory of them it was like, oh! I have a puzzle now! but with scaffolding - actually exactly like a puzzle. Without an editor I’m putting it together knowing it's a picture of a cat but I don't have a visual on the end product. WITH AN EDITOR I HAVE THE BOX COVER!!!!”

Erin Clark - Spain, EU

Generic placeholder image

“Allison's comments point out what is brilliant and what needs improving, and why. She often makes me laugh out loud. Her critique is on point and shows so clearly what is unclear (e.g. something that is in my head but not on the page) that I immediately understand what needs fixing.”

Iris van Ooyen - The Netherlands, EU

Generic placeholder image

“Oh! The Work Plan rocks. It's like a life-raft for my floundering psyche.”

Sky Burr Drysdale - Florida, USA

The "Unkind Editor"

Serious professional guidance provides the clarity to move forward. Allison helps you apply direct, constructive feedback and approach your next draft with enthusiasm.

It's About You

Your work receives the individual care and attention publishers invest in their top authors. You’ll get specific, sit-down-and-do-it strategies to finish a sellable book.

Ready to Work

You'll arrive with a full manuscript evaluation, editorial letter, and work plan. On location, you'll be guided through key revisions & new material from day one.


Enjoy authentic food and spontaneous connections. An experienced guide, Allison's visited 50+ countries and chosen her favorite inspiring places.

Are You Ready?

Want guidance, accountability and a concrete plan to finish your book?
Start with a complimentary 30-minute editorial call to discuss your work, and if Rebirth Your Book is right for you. Or join our mailing list for updates on future retreats.

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The Retreats

Rebirth Your Book happens around the world and throughout the year. Choose your most inspiring and convenient location, or work from home with our Virtual Retreat. You're taken care of from arrival to departure: airport transfers, accommodation, writing space, meals and excursions are included.

Virtual Retreat

Unable to travel? Renew your writing from home or your own retreat location.

August 16-20, 2020 - SOLD OUT
All events held online
Best for: Writers who can't wait

Learn More About Rebirth Virtual

Publishing and Craft Intensive

Five-day virtual writing workshop with Dinty W. Moore

October 11-15, 2020 - NOW BOOKING
All events held online
Best for: Writers who can't wait

Learn More About Rebirth Your Writing

Costa Rica 2020

Toucans and monkeys, a writing terrace open to the Pacific breeze. Daily mindfulness with retreat co-leader Dinty W. Moore

November (dates TBA) - SOLD OUT
Lodging: Luxury villas
Best For: Hikers, Birdwatchers, Yoga Lovers

Learn More about Rebirth Costa Rica

Dubai 2021

Rediscover your writing away from the noise. Retreat to a cocoon of daily creativity and astonishing progress on your work.

February (dates TBA) 2021
Lodging: Luxury residence
Best for: UAE/MENA Writers, Adventurers, Fashionistas

Learn More About Rebirth Dubai

Lancaster PA 2021

After the Hippocamp Creative Nonfiction Conference, keep the writing momentum going.

August 15-19, 2021 (dates TBC)
Lodging: Chic, Spacious Home
Best for: Conference Attendees, Foodies

Learn More About Rebirth Lancaster

Tuscany 2021

Walk cobbled streets and explore hidden courtyards in a beautifully preserved medieval town. Boccaccio wrote here, and so will you.

October 10-17, 2021
Lodging: Boutique Hotel
Best for: Walkers, Foodies, Photographers

Learn More About Rebirth Tuscany

India 2022

For centuries, the cycle of reincarnation and regeneration has fueled Fort Kochi, Kerala, cradle of old religion and contemporary art.

TBA 2022
Lodging: Heritage Hotel
Best For: Art Lovers, Adventurers, Historians

Learn More About Rebirth Fort Kochi

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